About me and what i do

Florian Drechsler. 31yo. Living in Germany, Nuremberg, Bavaria. Married to my wonderful wife. Typos are due to two feline perpetrators.

Information security expert and experienced lead software engineer with a passion for integrating security architecture plans and processes, security standards and business goals. Extensive experience in developing and testing cloud-based security solutions and implementing robust network defense strategies.

I enjoy dissambling stuff. Software, Hardware, Protocols, VW MK2's, Radio Signals, .....
Essentially I build stuff. I break stuff. I fix stuff. I break stuff again.

I read tons of books. Big shout out to NoStarchPress.


As i often get doubted if i am real, especially in events of a responsible disclosure: i state here that i do not have any social media accounts like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, ... you name it. I don't use them (personally). Only trust a PGP Signed E-Mail. If you are in doubt, contact me via mail and i will sign a message for you.

Contact / PGP

You can reach me by e-mail [email protected]. I usually read my mails daily. Please use PGP.
Fingerprint of my Public Key:BCCB FB21 5333 648D FBDC EAB5 11E0 E914 7C55 5325. Download Key.